Violation of Probation

Challenge your probation violation charge with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.


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Drug Possession

Florida treats drug crimes seriously. Get serious representation at Panhandle Defense Firm.

Organized Crime

Be candid when discussing your charges. That way, our attorney can build a solid defense.

How Will You Challenge Your Criminal Charges in Pensacola, FL?

Our skilled criminal defense lawyer will fight for you

When you've been accused of a crime, your freedom and finances are on the line. Retaining a reputable criminal defense lawyer is the best decision you could make.

Panhandle Defense Firm fights for the rights of residents in the Pensacola, FL area, including Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Our lead attorney has over 30 years of experience defending his clients against...



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Know that you've got an advocate at Panhandle Defense Firm. Attorney Thomas F. McGuire III has been practicing criminal law for decades.

Trust him to use his experience to...

Build a defense against common prosecution strategies.

As a former prosecutor, attorney McGuire knows what you're up against.

Explore all of your legal options.

With attorney McGuire's help, you'll be prepared for trial or to take a plea bargain.

Protect your rights.

Attorney McGuire will examine the evidence against you when building your defense.

Attorney McGuire will treat you like family. To speak with him personally, contact our criminal law firm in Pensacola, FL today.

In the Eyes of the Law, You're Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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