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Drug Possession Attorney in Pensacola, Florida

You Were Busted for Drugs at a Traffic Stop. Now What?

Call a Reputable Drug Possession Lawyer in Pensacola, FL

You've likely heard about drug busts on the news. During a traffic stop, an officer smelled marijuana and arrested the driver on drug possession charges. Now it's happened to you. A drug possession lawyer in Pensacola, FL will help you fight your charges.

Panhandle Defense Firm holds law enforcement accountable. You would think police officers do not keep making the same mistakes over and over again, but they do. They violate a person's constitutional rights. You need a seasoned attorney to spot these violations and bring a properly researched motion to suppress. We'll do our research to make sure your arresting officers...

  • Followed protocol.

  • Had probable cause.

  • Didn't violate your rights.

Contact our drug possession lawyer today to start building your defense.

Fight Back Against Drug Charges

Know Your Legal Substances in Florida.

Drug trafficking and possession penalties vary widely based on the type and amount of illegal substance involved.

Many people are charged with trafficking in controlled substances, which carries three-year and seven-year minimum, mandatory penalties. Many times, people are charged simply because the drugs were found in the car or in the house. But mere "proximity" to drugs does not mean that you possessed those drugs. You need a battle-hardened lawyer to fight for you when they are trying to send you to prison for drugs found near you. Contact a seasoned drug lawyer if you were charged with possessing or trafficking a...

  • Schedule I substance: Heroin | LSD | Marijuana

  • Schedule II substance: Hydrocodone | Oxycodone | Methamphetamine

  • Schedule III substance: Ketamine | Anabolic steroids

  • Schedule IV substance: Xanax | Valium | Diazepam

  • Schedule V substance: Cough syrup containing codeine

Panhandle Defense Firm is on your side. Call now to speak with a drug lawyer in Pensacola, FL.