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A RARE BREED: Motivated by helping others succeed rather than his paycheck.

I retained Mr. McGuire in a bout of desperation after learning that I had mistakenly assumed that I had three years to complete 100 hours of community service for Santa Rosa probation rather than one year of Okaloosa probation which was running concurrently (I received both sentences 5 days apart in the middle of the pandemic). When I realized that the service hours were actually for the Okaloosa probation, which terminated in a little over 30 days, I thought I panicked because I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to get the required hours and I would then be facing a VOP. I first contacted an Okaloosa attorney who basically told me I was screwed unless I handed him $5,000 immediately which I did not have. So, I next called Tom McGuire because I remembered speaking with him previously in reference to a friend's case and I remembered how genuine he seemed.

Well, my initial impressions of him continued to be correct. After explaining the situation to Mr. McGuire on my first phone call to him, he told me to stay on the line while we conference called with the supervisor of probation in Okaloosa county. And that's what we did! This provided me some peace of mind immediately, because we were able to make it clear that my intention was to follow the terms of my probation and that I had simply made a mistake that I intended to make right. Tom then filed a motion the following week to address the issue with the judge and ask for the community service to be converted to a lien that I could pay off. In the meantime, I found a place to perform community service and got about 25 hours in. At this point, I had 5 days left and 75 more hours to go. Nearly impossible considering I also have a storefront that I manage full-time. And it was then that Tom McGuire called me up saying the judge granted my motion. I didn't even have to go to court. All I had to do was go pay the fine and I had a month to do so. He also told me that I could keep the remainder of the fee that I hadn't paid him yet, since we didn't have to go to court. This dude is a rock star in my eyes. He knew what to do and he did it. He didn't try to drain my wallet. He just wanted to help. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank your dedication to service and willingness to help even those who normally would be less fortunate!

- Michael

Best decision ever made

While on probation I was charged with Extortion and was arrested. I was looking at 20-25 years in prison. My family and I hired Mr. McGuire and within the first 15 minutes of our first meeting, I knew we had made the best decision ever choosing Tom to represent me. He stayed in contact with me via jail visits, and collect calls, or if I didn’t call enough he would contact my family. He knows his job and he does it, knows his way around a courtroom, and uses it. He got the charges against me completely dismissed and me back with my family! Truly a professional, and just a good man, and now, someone I consider a friend. If you need someone who will go to battle for you and give it to you straight, not just what he thinks you want to hear, Thomas McGuire is the advocate you need.

- Jason

Sticky Situation

Tom Mcguire helped me out of a pretty complicated situation. Without his help, no doubt in my mind, I would have spent some time in Escambia county jail. Tom can think on this feet and is very knowledgeable in case law. He is a fighter and a Great attorney. This IS the guy you want fighting for you.

- Gene

I was dealing with a Violation of probation case with judge Kenzie everyone knows how hard she can be. I told him everything that happened from the beginning and I was like I don’t want to sit but I learned sometimes you have to for certain things to be in your favor. He got my vop dismissed free to go with everything I said and have to prove within court.

- Corney Pressley

Excellent Lawyer and a Pleasure to work with!

I could’ve simply accepted the citation, paid the higher fines, received additional points on my drivers license, and paid higher insurance rates for years to come but instead, I hired Thomas (Tom) McGuire through Musca Law and I am so glad that I did! Tom is an honest, highly skilled lawyer and a pleasure to work with. For those of us who don’t get invitations to appear before the court often, it’s comforting to have someone with Tom’s professionalism and genuine desire to mitigate on your behalf there with you. Hire Mr. McGuire to represent you, meet a good person and pay less over the months/years to come!

- Daniel


Tom is a great lawyer he is very smart he worked hard on my case and he would talk to me anytime whether it was nighttime or on the weekends anytime I called he answered I highly recommend this lawyer. He is a lifesaver pick him and you won’t regret it!

- Taylor

All around great legal action

Thomas McGuire has been beyond helpful working on my case. I was looking at a hefty sentence and he got me time served. I feel like he was more than capable and knowledgeable on the laws and in the courtroom. He treated me like one of his family members. I have recommended him to many others. They have all had great experiences. If I ever get in legal trouble again, Thomas McGuire will be the first person I call. Thanks again!

- Christian

We couldn't be happier with our attorney!

Being in a situation where you need an attorney can be a very stressful time. Mr. McGuire was great from the first meeting to the last court date. He treated us and our son with respect and presented the best possible case for us. Should we ever need an attorney again, he will be our first call. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

- Melanie

Highly recommend

Attorney McGuire was hired to handle a 21 year old criminal case for me. He was professional, open-minded and well prepared. He did an amazing job and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Lisa

Conscientious and Professional

My son was in a bad situation, and Mr. Mcguire was honest about the situation, but helped him get the best possible outcome by thinking 'outside the box' on the situation. Not only that, but right before court he answered or returned calls on the weekend to assure me when we had court on Monday. I highly recommend him.

- Olivia

Best Friend As Your Lawyer

I would like to thank Mr. Thomas McGuire for his handling of my case. From the time we met, I immediately knew that the perfect person for my case. Mr. McGuire was quite knowledgeable of the court system and the principle for the county and state. He was exceptional at returning my calls and answering any questions I had. Furthermore, he made a very stressful situation very tolerable. I mean this honestly. Having Tom representing me was like having a close family member or best friend helping you.

- Tracy

Justice Served

He was God sent to my husband and I hes great the first time I spoke with him he told me over the phone that he was going to treat my my son like he was one of his kids and he did thanks so much for your heip with my son my husband and I was very new when it came to serious problems my son had we thank God for Mr. T McGuire he was truly a blessing to us thanks so much God Bless You and Your Family and Law Firm The Jackson and Young

- Anonymous

A very competent attorney

I hired Mr. McGuire and he accomplished everything he was hired to accomplish. He is very diligent and was easy to reach if I had any questions. He is well respected by Judges and other attorneys. I have no problem recommending him to any of my friends.

- Anonymous