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Domestic Violence Attorney in Pensacola, Florida

Facing Domestic Violence Charges?

A Domestic Violence Attorney in Pensacola, FL Can Take on Your Case

When you're dealing with domestic violence charges, you can't afford to work with an underqualified lawyer. You need an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side. That's where attorney Thomas F. McGuire III of Panhandle Defense Firm comes in. Our lead attorney has helped countless clients in Pensacola, FL build strong defenses against their domestic violence charges. You can count on him to help you, too.

​Call now to speak with a reputable domestic violence attorney in the Pensacola, FL area. You can schedule a consultation with attorney McGuire at your convenience.

Start Building Your Defense

Choose a Firm That's Managed a Wide Range of Cases

Over the years, Panhandle Defense Firm has taken on a variety of domestic violence cases in the Pensacola, FL area. We have extensive experience handling cases involving:

  • DV battery

  • Child abuse, neglect, and endangerment

  • Defending petitions for restraining order

  • Sexual abuse

  • Criminal trespassing

  • False Imprisonment

Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

If you are convicted of a DV battery, you will lose the right to carry a concealed weapon. DV Battery also cannot be expunged.

To get the guidance you need in your domestic violence case, turn to Panhandle Defense Firm today. Our lead attorney will fight aggressively to defend your rights at every turn.