Accused of Embezzlement? Protect Yourself With a Defense Lawyer.

Accused of Embezzlement? Protect Yourself With a Defense Lawyer.

We defend clients just like you in Pensacola, FL and beyond

Embezzlement is a leading type of organized crime in the Pensacola, FL area. Depending on how much money you're accused of taking, you could be facing years behind bars. Don't go to trial without an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner.

Panhandle Defense Firm offers consultations so you and our defense lawyer can get on the same page. Attorney McGuire will ask you...

  • How much have you been accused of taking?
  • Have you been convicted of a crime before?
  • Are you facing felony or misdemeanor charges?

Based on your answers, attorney McGuire will develop an appropriate defensive strategy.

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We'll defend you against fraud or other organized crime charges

In addition to embezzlement (also known as organized fraud), Panhandle Defense Firm can represent you if you're facing Medicare or Medicaid fraud charges.

Attorney McGuire represents clients throughout the Pensacola, FL area, including Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Contact Panhandle Defense Firm today to discuss your organized crime charges with a local attorney.